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Meet Gregory, Cayman Brac Beach Resort Chef

For Chef Gregory, this is an encore performance at Cayman Brac Beach Resort. He first graced our kitchen in 2003 and returned in March to whip up more food magic for guests. Chef is known for crowd‐pleasing creations like lobster bisque prepared by simmering lobster heads, onions, garlic, celery, and carrots. After straining it, he adds tomato paste, white wine, a little tarragon, chili flakes, and seafood stock, finishing it off with some heavy cream.

“I first learned cooking from my Mom back in Jamaica, who taught me that food is about more than nourishing bodies—it feeds souls. I want resort guests to feel this love in my food and when they go home, to take with them a refreshed energy and spirit that great diving and great meals can fuel.”

When not working, Chef Gregory enjoys taking it easy by spending time with his family and young daughter Akhila. Don’t be surprised if you see him on your boat, since he also loves diving.