Dive Staff

Welcome to CAYMAN BRAC BEACH Resort

Reef Divers Staff Members Focus on Dive Safety and Enjoyment

It takes someone with very special qualities to be a Reef Divers staff member. We often review more than 100 job applications to find one great match. We look for individuals who are passionate about taking care of our guests and the marine environment, and are focused on ensuring diver safety. They must be able to make it a great day for every diver in their care.

These Reef Divers Pros will care for you on your next visit to Cayman Brac Beach Resort.



Divers Manager Joe is originally from Michigan and grew up in Georgia. He learned to dive in Puerto Rico while serving in the US Navy in 1997. Joe immediately fell in love with the sport and began his journey as a dive professional. After owning and operating a stateside dive shop for a few years, he found there was a much better place to do that kind of work and ventured down to the Cayman Islands. He loves exploring the underwater world with the rEvo rebreather as it brings him to a Zen-like state watching the creatures of the sea live their lives as he floats by.


Barbie from Wingham, Ontario, Canada, began diving when she was 17 – and a lady NEVER gives away her age by telling you what year that was. She found the idea of diving appealing as an adventure sport, which it certainly was in Lake Huron where she gained her experience. Barbie especially enjoys mornings on the coral reefs, looking for unusual fish behaviors not often seen. And she was honored by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association for being the Watersports’ Employee of 2019.

Ontario, Canada

Team Member

Frankie comes from Bungay, England, and made her first dive in 2004. She got certified so she could help collect data while working with a coral reef restoration project in Fiji. Frankie loves teaching scuba – especially seeing divers’ faces the moment they “get it” and fall in love with the underwater world. If she could, she would teach the entire world to dive just to make everyone happier.

Bungay, England

ethan hails
Ethan hails from Massachusetts, and was certified in 2016 in Cape Cod. It opened his eyes to a new adventure. Ethan enjoys the silent and meditative nature of diving while observing the mesmerizing underwater world. When he is not diving, he enjoys fishing and running.



Jucky, from Braga, Portugal, exchanged the IT world for the SCUBA world in 2012, when he traded in a desk and four walls for the deep blue sea. It was more than a career change – it was a life change. Jucky loves hanging with his bestie, Gary the Grouper, and he enjoys the thrill of flying weightlessly as he explores places most human beings don’t get to see.

Braga, Portugal


Rozie, is from Russia, and has a huge appetite for traveling having visited over 50 different countries! Despite being born in the coldest city in the world (Yakustk, Sibera) she prefers hot weather and life on the ocean. Rozie got certified in Malaysia in 2014 and became an instructor 5 years later in Mexico. Being able to travel and work at the same time is one of the main reasons Rozie loves being a diver so much! A passion she enjoys sharing with all her guests!


Yannis is from Kos, Greece. He started his Open Water course at 18 years old when on a summer away from university. He immediately fell in love with it and started helping out at a dive center as an intern. Over the course of a few years and across a few countries, he worked his way up to Divemaster and Instructor and enjoys nothing more than being in the water, exploring the underwater world, and sharing his passion for the sea and diving.

Kos, Greece

Stephen Reef Divers

Stephen hails from the Great White North, aka Canada.

If he isn’t underwater using his superpower of taking a full tank and making it empty (no less than 500psi of course) he is on the surface telling tales and sharing his passion for underwater adventures. He also enjoys getting his hands dirty while keeping the boats shipshape.




Jon, from Bilbao, Spain, began diving in 2006 on the north coast of Spain, where the water is cold & murky. There he taught diving until one day he decided to head for warmth. He loves to teach scuba, being on the boat and early morning diving… but he would like it even more if he didn’t have to wake up so early.

Bilbao, Spain



Our Dive Shop Coordinator Ray, from Houston Texas, began diving in 1996. She has been diving on Cayman Brac since her certification, fell in love with the place, and decided to make the Brac her home. She loves the serenity of being underwater and watching the pretty fish and corals as she cruises by weightlessly.

Houston, Texas


Sheryl is from Tillsonburg Ontario, Canada. If she could grow gills she would, as water, warm or cold, is her element. Although she prefers warm water diving. Since 2010, she has been sharing her love for diving with all she meets and is most happy when her family joins her for a dive.


Luke is a Giant Schnauzer from Colorado. He has been enjoying the water since a year old and loves to splash and dive for rocks in the shallows of the beach. He enjoys chasing balls and coconuts and always has his coconut briefcase not far away. In his spare time, Luke enjoys working as a therapy dog for all ages.