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Meet Mark, Lead Bartender at Cayman Brac Beach Resort

Mark is one of the smiling faces you’ve seen at our resort the past 4 years – one who always remembers your name and what you like to drink. He’s originally from Pampanga, Philippines, which is about 1 hour from Manilla. His Dad was a pastry chef at the resort. So, after completing his BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management – it was a natural leap to join our team here.

“I want guests I serve to feel at home here – to really relax and enjoy our hospitality,” according to Mark who loves meeting lots of people from all over. His secret for remembering names? They all become friends. Over their stay, he learns about their homes, their families, and their lives.

When not working, Mark enjoys diving (which he learned after moving here), biking, fishing, and playing basketball and volleyball. And he just started rock climbing. Mark’s also a great bathroom singer of romantic music, but we’ll have to take his word for that.

March 2020