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Meet Jinky, Front Desk Supervisor at Cayman Brac Beach Resort

One of the first big smiles guests at Cayman Brac Beach Resort normally see is Jinky’s. She’s at the front desk and has been a Bracker for about a decade and a team member at our resort for more than six years. Her career experiences, from the dining room to the front desk, make Jinky a great “go to” person when you have questions, because she likely has the answers.

Jinky’s personality and the way she approaches her job lay the groundwork for fabulous dive vacations for guests from all over the world. “It makes me feel good to know that my welcoming smile and efficiency in getting guests checked in and settled are among their first memories of our resort’s personalized services,” she says. “I want them to feel like they’ve gone from being strangers to friends—and that they’re part of our family by the time they leave.”

Jinky is originally from the Philippines. Some of her family members are also here in the Brac, including her husband. When not working, she helps out with the YMCA’s after-school program, does yoga, and gets involved in all kinds of outdoor activities, including beach clean-ups and rock climbing.

August 2019