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Meet Brett, Reef Divers Staff and Instructor at Cayman Brac Beach Resort

Brett is a Canadian who started out snorkeling on a family vacation to Maui in 2002. When he saw divers below, he knew he’d discovered a better way to explore the marine world. Brett loves showing guests the beautiful reefs around the Sister Islands and recently had an experience about which most divers only dream and it became a story picked up by Cayman news media.

“I heard there was a whale shark out front of the resort and knew I had to see it. In my almost eight years on the Brac, this was only the second sighting,” said Brett.

“I was surprised at how big it was—so incredible to share space with an animal that size! Even with 20 of us in the water nearby, the whale shark ignored us, happily circling around us feeding. But then I guess when you’re 20’ long, it’s only we much smaller humans who are impressed.”

Winter 2019