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Make Your Own Underwater Memories

The Cayman Islands are easy to get to and their crystal-clear Caribbean waters and abundant, colorful marine life make great settings for all levels of underwater photographers and videographers to practice and perfect their skills.

Clearly Cayman Dive Resorts even kick this up a notch. With our Reef Divers Valet Services and dive style, underwater artists are free to set their own pace in our mostly current-free dive conditions. As long as you remain with your buddy and follow the same dive profile set by the boat’s dive master, you can explore on your own or spend the entire dive at a single location, waiting for that perfect shot.

Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman

Although many award-winning shots come from dives off Little Cayman, guests will find endless inspiration off Cayman Brac Beach Resort and Cobalt Coast Resort on Grand Cayman for their underwater photography and videography. From great wide-angle subjects such as the Tibbetts (Cayman Brac) and Kittiwake (Grand Cayman) wrecks, to macro photography at sites like La Mesa off Grand Cayman and Buccaneer Reef off the Brac.

All three Cayman Islands also provide great videography opportunities, with an abundance of stingrays and eagle rays to catch as they feed on the bottom or soar past you. And nowhere can you capture more fun videos than on dives at Grand Cayman’s famous Stingray City, guaranteed to keep you laughing the entire dive.

No Better Place

Whichever Clearly Cayman Dive Resort is your favorite, bringing your cameras is a sure way to take home more than just great memories. Each of our resorts has a monthly photo contest where your best pics can win gift certificates that can be used toward your next stay. The best photo of the year from each resort wins a trip for two to the winner’s favorite resort. But you can’t win if you don’t enter. Rules and full details are available here:

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