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Clearly Cayman Dive Log – Wilderness Wall

Ragnar, a Reef Divers staff member at Cayman Brac Beach Resort, is from from Reykjavik, Iceland. After doing a Discover Scuba in a pool there, he went on a backpacking trip to Central America and got certified in Guatemala. He says that divers are the “coolest” people around…get it? Coolest people from an Icelander!

Ragnar loves diving Wilderness Wall on the south side of Cayman Brac. The 20-minute boat ride from the resort can be exciting when you’re accompanied by brown booby bird escorts, which entertain by dive bombing for fish around the boat.

The top of the wall is only about 50-feet deep, but it has a stunning, sheer drop-off to the bottom that’s several hundred feet away. Divers will find an abundance of marine life on the inner reef at shallower depths—notably, turtles munching on sponges and southern stingrays hiding in the sand. They also love exploring the picturesque swim-throughs. And this site is one of the few on the Brac where hammerhead sharks have been spotted.

Spring 2019